[Bards] Bardic and Performing Arts (Long)

Kathy Elliott bardkat at verizon.net
Sun Apr 16 15:21:26 PDT 2006

	> It's hard to treat the position of titled bard as a job, when you
have three or four of them hanging off your belt.

Many bards (and fighters, and archers, etc) will not compete for a titled
competition if they already hold one.  After all, what would you do if those
two groups ever went to war?  Whose side would you be on?  Who would you
stand by in court?

	> Bardic circles face stiff competition from private household
parties, which take away a lot of the traffic the bardic circles once got.
Haflas also take a lot of the traffic as well ...

We certainly can't be louder than the Middle Eastern crowd, so if there's
not enough interest in a bardic circle elsewhere on site, who says we have
to compete for the same audience?  Dancers get tired.  Speak to the head
drummer about sharing the circle.  No, it's not the same as a "strictly"
bardic circle, but aren't we supposed to be able to play to the audience?
Or, learn some Middle Eastern pieces.  There are actually several tunes that
work beautifully with a baladi or shiftatelli (sp?), and most dancers love
to dance to live music - whether sung or played.  As for the private
parties, I haven't seen one yet that doesn't welcome bards!  And, if there
are several private parties, maybe a night of firewalking is in order?


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