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Genie Barrett maggie.gene at justinanimator.com
Sun Apr 16 18:17:08 PDT 2006

At 04:01 PM 4/16/2006, you wrote:
>While we're on the topic of circles, I'd like to talk about 
>modifying the pick/pass/play format to pick/play.
>I've noticed , during a triple-p bardic, that there are far too many 
>people who pass.  I'm not sure whether it's that they're 
>uncomfortable with actually requesting someone to perform, or they 
>just don't want to have to make a decision.  Either way, the next 
>circle I host I'm going to try the pick/play format out.  Unless 
>someone beats me to it, in which case, please let me know how it turns out.

My first Shire did this.  I like it more for the same reason you 
state, too many passes.  I did find that one or two people tend to 
sing more often because people know that they can sing, but at the 
same time, it's the only type of bardic circle where I sang the same 
song twice...a lady asked to hear it again.  I think that the 
attitude of the audience contributes to the bravery of certain 
performers.  Thus, I find that I will leave some circles because the 
hosts allow the "take over" attitude of some singers.  This format 
really doesn't allow that to happen as the holder of the 
staff/drum/stick is the one that people are focusing on.

That said, I find it much more inclusive all around.  However, there 
are some times when people would pass anyway.  We never forced 
anyone, that tends to make them leave and not come back.

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