[Bards] Springfaire Bardic competition

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Tue Apr 18 16:46:04 PDT 2006

Our Titled bard has stated she feels that those who would compete for this honor must not only have a diverse repitoir but also be skilled in entertaining the court and Populace of Elfsea, to this end She has devised the following format to test those who would present themselves in competition at Elfsea Springfaire

Two pieces will be performed by all competitors sometime around lunch at the Baronial pavilion, 2 or three finalist will be chosen to perform before the beginning of evening court. 

Greetings Fellow bards the Elfsea Bard shal be chosen this weekend at Spring faire the format is as follows

The first piece should be one that teaches a lesson

The second should be a piece designed to entertain while keeping in mind the Baroness doesn't like to cry

Those chosen for the final Round should be prepared to perform a piece that is some how related to or about Elfsea.

Be there or be monotone!

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