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Okay, Gerald, you win.  I'll be at Bordermarch ... with my harp that I can't
play yet!

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As an example, I personally know three people who own lap harps, yet only
one of them brings it to events.  Granted, these gentles are active in other
areas of our Society as well and one is only now learning, but the lap harp
is one of those instruments that sounds good even if you're just musically
diddling.  It provides atmosphere, a pleasant background noise, and playing
on it would give the owner more practice, whether they wanted it or not.
There's a madrigal group in my area that practices, but I'd like to see them
perform at the list-field between the callings; have someone coordinate with
the list mistresses or something.  Heck, even perform a soft piece in a
corner somewhere while the fighting is going on.  Recorder players who can
play but won't because of whatever reason, people who say they can't learn
to play a pennywhistle because they don't know how to whistle, the list goes


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