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John Hirling jhirling at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 13:03:06 PDT 2006

I had planned on waiting a bit longer for asking these next two questions
(one here, one under separate Subject) but Finnican pointed out to me that
it would be helpful to have ongoing face-to-face discussions throughout the
kingdom before King's College and that anything of general interest can be
reported on the list.  Thanks Finnican!  BTW, we do have time set aside over
lunch for a bardic round table at KC.

Here's a question on venues.  Assume with me the following categories of
1. period (or "periodesque" -- composed in a period style) pieces
2. traditional (not able to be dated before ~1600) pieces
3. filk
4. SCA/Ansteorra subject matter
5. instrumental
6. other individual performance -- e.g. juggling, dance
7. ensemble performance -- e.g. plays, scenes, madrigal, dance

What categories and in what order would you deem materials in those
categories appropriate for each of the following venues:

Other competition for/selection of a royal bard
Title competitions
Non-title competitions
Interkingdom competitions
Kingdom A&S
Fire walking
Around the list field
Stand alone (e.g.specifically set apart as part of an event)

I think y'all will have fun with this one!

DMoAS for Bardic & Performance
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