[Bards] Re: the Bardic Gauntlet!

Tessa Nieto eleanor_cleavely at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 4 12:23:42 PDT 2006


since I can't let my apprentice sister HL Elanor have
all the fun I, too, shall be throwing in my kid glove
for this competition! Though I will not be able to
make it to Pennsic this year, rest assured that I
shall have an emmissary there with my entry. 

I look forward to honoring my Kingdom, My Crown, and
my fellow bards! I hope that my work shall bring you
joy and find favor in your eyes.

In the immortal words of whoever first said it...

Bring it on! ;o)

Ever in service with a song and a smile,
Lady Eleanor Cleavely
Bard to TRM Aaron IV and Allessandra IV
Bard of Sun Dragon
Apprentice to Master Darius of the Bells
Barony of Sun Dragon
Kingdom of Atenveldt


Never annoy a bard, for their memories are long, and your name scans to "Greensleeves". ~ Fiana of Clare

Ego existo obstinantus - I am resolved

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