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Mon Apr 10 12:59:18 PDT 2006

Greetings all

This missive follows Mistress Gwyeth's announcement of my appointment as her
Deputy MoAS for Bardic & Performance. It is my welcomed responsibility to do
all I can to forward bardic and performing arts in Ansteorra. I think most,
if not all, of you know me.  If an introduction would be helpful, please let
me know.

Bardcraft and performing at Gulf Wars this year were both a delight and a
disappointment.  On the delightful side, The new Green Dragon Tavern
provided a wonderful venue for entertaining complete with a loft  for the
performers.  Musicians and singers signed up for one hour 'gigs' but there
was also some overlap as will happen whenever we get together.  Also, thanks
to HL Gerald of Leesville and Lord Madog of Gastonbury, Ansteorra hosted a
bardic tavern  on Thursday night.  This is the second year for this offering
and it is hugely successful with bards from all over the known world adding
their craft to the mix.

On the disappointing side, there was no bardic competition among kingdoms
and no performers from Ansteorra among the A&S entries.  The reasons given
for the former are not entirely persuasive to me and I will be working
toward some sort of competition at next year's War though it will not count
in the war points.  Ansteorra, Trimaris, Meridies and Glean Abhann signed a
treaty that will govern the next five years of Gulf Wars and at the Laurels
meeting consensus was reached for next year's A & S competition.  The
Laurels from Trimaris (Ansteorra & Trimaris are the 'principles' to the
treaty while Meridies and Glean Abhann are 'host kingdoms') and I had some
excellent conversations about the need for a greater bardic and performing
presence and some possibilities for achieving that.  I believe when your
wisdom is added to the mix we can come up with something very satisfying to

With regard to no performers among the A & S entries, it is probable that at
least for next year our crafts will compete against static artisans and
research papers at Kingdom A & S with the top overall entries representing
the Kingdom at Gulf Wars without regard to type (i.e. static, performance,

I need your help.  I need your ideas, feelings, and thoughts for improving
bardic and performance in Ansteorra.  Too often, a request like this gets
bogged down in lengthy arguments, pro and con.  While I do want to encourage
discussion, I would hate to miss a good idea because someone feared a
negative response.  Therefore, I'd like the following to apply to any
responses to this email:

1. your idea is a 'good' idea; so is everybody elses
2. please, let's save any criticism constructive or otherwise for later when
we can share face to face

One small idea we will be implementing at Stargate Baronial is a bardic
circle at gate on Friday evening.  Its a real treat for the gate workers and
a good way to be greeted at an event -- not to mention a chance to perform.

Also, if you have ideas for improving the Performance Judging Sheet, please
let me know.

I hope to make as many events as I can throughout the kingdom.   Feel free
to chat with me or email me.

Yours in service,

ihon vinson macFergus OL
Deputy MoAS for Bardic & Performance
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