[Bards] bardic circle at Stargate

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 24 11:19:37 PDT 2006

Hey all,
Since the topic of bardic circles has been on the list, I thought I'd post.
This past weekend at Stargate Baronial, I hosted a bardic circle that seemed to go over pretty well.  I went with a "pick, pass, or play" approach, but modified the "pass" option.  I said, "If you have been actively playing in this area for at least one year, you could not pass."  I figured that if you've been playing in the SCA in the vicinity of Stargate for a year or more, you should know at least one bard at the circle to pick to perform.  For the people we had at the circle, it worked out very well.  We had a handful of established bards, a couple new(er) bards, and a good number of non-bards.  I can only recall one or two newcomers passing the whole time, and chaos and interruptions were pretty minimal.
If I host another circle again, I'll probably stick with the modified pass option. :)
HL Alden Drake

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