[Bards] Thank you and a question on catagories

John Hirling jhirling at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 13:45:08 PDT 2006

Greetings all

First, thanks for the high calibre input and excellent discussion on some of
the things we can do to improve bardic and performance in Ansteorra.  I'm
processing all of that information and will post how it sorts out in my view
so you can correct me if your mileage differs :)

Now, the question on categories.

What do you see as the categories that should be considered bardic?  I think
it can be said that traditionally the term 'bardic' has been loosely limited
to song, story and poem.  Are there other categories you would deem bardic
or bardcraft -- say . . . instrumental music, group sinding (madrigal),
dance, juggling, ensemble acting  . . . or would you consider those
'performance'?  What do you see as the ramifications of your choices?

The quality of our initial discussion was as high as any I've ever seen on a
list.  Thank you! Again, I ask that the same criteria be applied to your
responses -- i.e.
1. your idea is a 'good' idea; so is everybody elses
2. please, let's save any criticism constructive or otherwise for later when
we can share face to face

That face-to-face may be at Kings College.  I've asked for space for a round
table discussion over lunch and I think we will get it.

Yours in service

DMoAS for Bardic & Performance

I have a couple of other questions but I want to put them under separate
threads for the sake of clarity.  If you get your emails digested, please
change the subject line to the same subject.

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