[Bards] Loch Soilleir Bardic Championship

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 25 14:28:01 PDT 2006

Greetings good gentles,
It has been my great honor to serve as the Titled Bard of Loch Soilleir this past year, but the
time swiftly approaches when another champion shall be chosen.  As such, Their Serpentine
Excellencies do bid all those who would compete for the honor of being the Loch's Bard to come to
Loch Guardian, May 20 and enter the championship.

Since the theme of the event celebrates "a festival of happiness and joy in celebration of the
coming of summer!", I decided to make the rounds get progressively HOTTER, as we all know what
summer time means in Ansteorra!

The format for the Bardic Championship follows:

Round 1: Open performance, any style, documentation requested.

Round 2: Random pairing elimination round, bonus points for documentation.  Yes, this means
competing head to head against a random bard for the chance to compete in Round 3.

Round 3: On-site composition round.  Topic(s) to be given in Morning Court!  The championship will
start at 1:00pm, so composition time will be limited!  Any bard eliminated in Round 2 will quite
likely be invited by Their Excellencies to perform their on-site composition during Feast.

For more information on the event, please check your Black Star, or go to

I remain in service,
HL Alden Drake
Outgoing Loch Bard

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