[Bards] Opening for "Bard of Namron"

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Wed Apr 26 00:07:58 PDT 2006

Her Excellency and I will be holding auditions for the next Bard of
Namron.  Hopeful candidates should be prepared to perform one piece in
front of a large audience at night, with the possibility of a second
piece being needed.

This is not a "themed" or "scored" competition; it is an audition.
Bring pieces you feel are appropriate thereby.  Remember, though, that
there are always youngsters in the audience, and sometimes in the ring
as well, so pieces with strong sexual content are not welcome.  At
least, not during the try-outs.  Other camps may welcome them afterward.

Typically we have twenty to thirty bards trying out, and we do not start
until full dark.  This is the evening focus of the event, so a large
audience is normal.  Oddly enough, many people enjoy listening to a good

The position carries the same expectations as our marshal champions.
All of the Bards of Namron have been of the highest caliber, and we
would not hesitate to call on them as a Champion to defend the honor of
our barony.  When the Crown visits Namron, we might loan Them the use of
our champions.  There are perquisites as well, as any of the previous
Bard of Namron can attest.

As an aside, we hold a brewing competition the same day.  But don't let
that influence your decision to attend.

Ulf Gunnarsson
Baron of Namron

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