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Well stepping into this discussion as both a performer and a Landed Noble. (tm) :)  I would just like to say that I have always tried to encourage bardic in Northkeep and to my knowledge have never turned down a performance in my camp, even the bad bards and we know they are out there.  However I do actively discourage performance to the whole hall at feast.  I do this for several reasons.  One of the foremost is that our hall that we use absolutly SUCKS! for performance like that.  Even with a completely quiet hall and a really big voiced performer you can barely hear if you are at the ends of the hall.  I know most people if they wish to hear a performance really want to hear it, and if they can't make out the words/tune then they will go back to talking which then makes it even harder for the others to hear.  What I do encourage at our hall if for those wishing to perform to request and get the permission from a table to perform for them.  I myself have been known to even go to a table and perform for them.  It makes for a much more intimate setting.  The bard isn't destroying their voices trying to project to a hall that won't hear them anyway, and the table can hear and enjoy the performance.  
As to my camp I can only say this.  I will only be on the Baronial throne for another few months and won't have event until my stepping down.  But please consider this an open invitation to come by whatever camp I am in at any event and perform.  I love it.  Hell I might even sing a song or tell a story myself who knows.  I think we do need to encourage this more.
As to competitions I think that we have several good ones and while there are some bards that don't like competitions there are others that love them.  I think there is room for both in the SCA but I do not think that we should strictly encourage bardic performance for competitions sake only.  I know a much larger number of performers who will never enter a competition but will tell a wonderful story at the camp fire.  
Wow I need to quit rambling and try this again later when I have pieced together my thoughts better.

Ainar Magnusson
Baron of Northkeep
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