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   I think we can all agree that it is inappropriate to vie for the Titled
Bard of a group the year after you have won, however, I see no reason that
one should not compete again later, like Gerald.  It can be disheartening
for a new/upcoming performing when an experienced performer and well-known
performer enters a competition.  I get that feeling every time I perform
against Gerald or Kat, but I still perform.  Giotto is not now a Knight
because he was the top non-Knight, he is a Knight because is he is on the
level of other Knights.  Saundra was not made a Pelican because she serves
more than other non-Pelicans, she was elevated because she is on their
level.  We should not be relegated to the point of Brian wins because he did
better than everyone who has not held the title before (and Gerald, Kat, &
Alden all competed too, but have held the title.)  A competition does not
choose who is the best that hasn't won, but who is the best.  Competing
against the Robins, Finnacans, Geralds, Kats, Willows, etc. is how we as a
community get better.  As the old saying goes, to be the best, you have to
beat the best.  Also, when a new/upcoming performer is disheartened, it is
the duty of the more experienced to give them a bit of encouragement.  This
is what I feel will help the bardic community.

   For me, I compete when I feel like it and when I think I can fulfill the
job.  I competed in the Gate's Edge Bardic that Gerald won though I won it
two years ago, but I didn't compete in Bordermarch, which I have never won
(or competed in for that matter) because I was too tired after fighting and
wanted to see the wedding.  So I watched instead and had a good time.  I
would gladly bear the title of Bordermarch Bard because they are a great
group and I live Armand & Caitrin, but I would not taker the title of
Wiesenfeuer Bard even though I have a great deal of respect for it's people,
especially Don Elric, and when I did travel there, I greatly enjoyed there
hospitality.  I could not fulfill the duties as bard of a Northern group in
my current situation, so I will not compete.  But next time I'm up North, if
I am asked for a performance, I will gladly oblige.

Pros: Better competition and that means better bardic champions and better
bards in general in the future.
Cons: New/upcoming performers will not win very often<---But honestly, when
does Lord/Talon Stickjock beat Sir Hardhit or Centurion Headbasher beat Duke
Kills-A-Lot in a local championship?

  Also, I beleive Master Ihon brought up a similar concept at the bardic
roundtable at King's College in Westgate, to which HRM Mahadi answered,
"Because we're (Knights/heavy fighters) greedy."

Graywood Bard,
Seawinds Bard

See what happens when you let a college student have a month off......

>   Why do you, or don't you, compete in local championships you have won in
> the past?  What pros & cons do you think this practice imparts on the bardic
> community?
> Alden
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