[Bards] Bardic Roundtable

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 2 15:31:04 PST 2006

Okay guys, I promised I would do this, so here it is:

This will be the first Bardic Round table discussion since the original 
postings that so recently Ignored the list. I think it is safe to say 
that what we talk about here will serve as a major guide-point for 
subsequent discussions on the general bardic idea.

Now, to EVERYONE on the list, What do YOU want to have talked about at 
the round table?

What questions do you want asked?
What ideas do you want covered?
and so on....

Tell me. post here, or E-mail me directly.

This is it, this is where we start actually talking and seeing what the 
locals want to do.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

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