[Bards] Storytelling workshop

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Mon Dec 11 16:35:45 PST 2006

Greetings, Ansteorra

I hope the season finds you cheerful, well-fed and in good company.

For those who plan on attending Wiesenfeuer's Yule Revel this Saturday, 
Dec. 18th, I'd like to welcome you to participate in a storyteller's 
workshop I'll be conducting from Noon until 2:00pm.
This workshop will be involved and engaging, giving every interested 
participant the chance to try some basic, proven techniques to improve 
their tale telling. This is also a chance to explore the issues of what 
is, for some, the most intimate and intimidating form of vocal 
Audience engagement, description, movement, voice, mood, memorization, 
ethics and concerns will be brought to light and discussed. These 
discussions will include exercises to improve presentation, instill 
comfort and discourage bad habits.
All of these things will be addressed in order to help you find your 
voice, your style and your method.

You can be involved in these exercises or simply watch your fellows and 
lend support.
With any luck, this workshop will get a chance to visit other locations 
around the Kingdom in the future.

Happy Holidays,


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