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Tue Dec 12 23:15:28 PST 2006

Thanks, that is the type of thing I had in mind. I don't filk or at least only very late at night and after most of the group has gone to that.  But finding something in English or close enough that I can understand or duplicate it has been more desire than practice.  The libraries mostly carry spanish or italian it seems, but I would like to get something in my singing repertory that will enhance the medieval mood rather than give an opening to bridge to more modern sounds (and jar the trained ear as well). 

AEla, who was a Queen's bard many moons ago but mostly does spinning and other fiber-y things these days

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> This is a nice collection and comes with a CD so you can hear the old English 
> pronounced.
>   The Chaucer Songbook by Carol Lloyd Wood
> http://www.amazon.com/Chaucer-Songbook-Book-CD-Set/dp/0786631465

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