[Bards] topic for discussion

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 14 06:02:53 PST 2006

On Dec 14, 2006, at 12:09 AM, Charles O Floinn wrote:

> Thank you all for your thoughts on my comment.
> Since the prevailing thought seems to be that being the titled bard  
> allows
> one to spread a host groups fame instead of focusing that bards'  
> talents in
> one geographic area for a period of time, I shall reconsider my  
> position.  I
> had thought these contests to be more along the lines of an  
> interactive
> "job" interview, my apologies for this misunderstanding.
> Charles O Floinn

Au contraire, Charles. It *is* "an interactive job interview".

It's just that the job isn't tied to a fixed place (the local group)  
or people (the local nobility, if any).

The job is "being Bard of {the group}", and the job travels with  
*you*. For the most part, each titled Bard gets to make up the job  
duties according to their own style, personality and capabilities  
(including budget). Some people choose to attend the local nobility  
wherever they go. Some choose to spread wordfame for {the local  
group} far and wide. As long as you feel that you are honoring the  
group that you represent, and honoring your commitment to them in  
your own way, then "more power to you". :-)

Of course, the notion of an "interactive job interview" is largely in  
the eye of the beholder. You could choose to see the heavy weapons  
list to determine a group's Chivalric Champion as a "job interview",  
or you could just see it as a competition with a nice prize and some  
wordfame for the winner. Either way, you're going through some sort  
of selection process to determine the representatives of that group  
for a year. What each representative chooses to do with the title is  
up to them.


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