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On 12/18/06, Emily Minier <Emily.Minier at dtag.com> wrote:
>  I have to agree with Grimolfr's comments.  As long as Northkeep is using
> this style of competition, I, too, will not compete.  All too often, I've
> been the one who is too polite to say "no".  And, frankly, I'd rather judge
> one bardic competition than 30 throughout the day.
> I also don't like having to "guess" who is in the competition and who
> isn't.  Are they available right now for a "bout"?  Can we find a judge? One
> we'll agree on?
> Just my 2 cents worth,
> Nyx

    I never heard of anyone having trouble finding a judge, and the reason
for the bards meeting at the beginning of the competition is so they will
know who is in the competition.
   Not every bard will like every style of competition.  Some bards don't
like competitions of any kind.


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