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MessageIt is now most certainly January.

Quick last-minute question:  individual piece time limits, and will there be any variance in time limit for pieces in later rounds?

Second quick question:  in order to fulfill a promise to Diarmuid, I have a sonnet by his hand that I intend to perform -- and can certainly do so *appropriately* for first round.  Otherwise, I find myself currently unable to travel on a regular basis and so possibly not the best candidate to make a full run at the title. What will the policy be on withdrawal before elimination?

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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  I apologize for the delay in responding; mundanity has reared it's ugly head lately!

  If the performance is not period or a period style, the documentation would simply be the story behind the piece.  Who wrote it?  Why?  When?  Is it about Ansteorra or Ansteorrans, or other SCAdians, or someone or something from history?  If so, let us know.  If you wrote it, what inspired you?  I imagine that most of the campfire or Ansteorra rounds will have documentation of no more than a paragraph or two in length (if that), unless it also happens to be period, but there is no minimum or maximum documentation length requirement.  Use what you need to educate us about your performance.

  Of course, if the piece is period (or period style), let us also know that, too.  Please let us know the period(s), how & where it would have been done in period, and if you do it differently, why?  If it's in a foreign language, where did you learn to pronounce it?  If possible, give another example or two of the style.  Lastly, please include references - at least three is a good rule of thumb.  (Books, manuscripts, reputable internet sites, journals, CD's, etc.)  If any of your references are primary, secondary or tertiary sources, let us know that, too.

  Thanks!  See you in January!
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    Most esteemed Kat,

    At the risk of sounding obtuse.......what type of documentation do you require for a campfire piece, and the Ansteorran piece if it is not in period style? I am trying to get my Elfsea group ready for Eisteddfodd and want to pass on your requirements appropriately. I am looking forward to your competition and applaud your continuation of a multi-level/multi-competent competition. I hope to hear from you soon.

    In humble regard,
    Elanor O'Ruark
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