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John H Taylor delaufyson at juno.com
Sun Jan 22 23:35:39 PST 2006

Dear fellow 

I am  Willow de Wisp  the new bard of Kragonworth Keep and the Title Bard
of CrossRoad Keep. I am also a noble and a patron of the performing arts.
( That means you have to listen to me even if I am bad) I make  a
challenge. Good Bards are said to be able to wake someone up, put them to
sleep, make them cry and make them laugh. I am not interested in making
people go to asleep. I do that enough on my own, but I am interested in
laughing and crying. If you can entertain me with your performances and
make me either laugh or cry I will reward you with largess  and word
fame. i will try to be at the Kingdom A&S, Kragonworth Keep and the
gaming tent at Elfsea Spring fair in the next few months. Please come and
try your skills.

Duchess Willow deWisp

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