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Mon Jul 31 07:49:16 PDT 2006

Greetings all

This coming weekend, I'll be attending our (almost) annual Laurel's
Retreat.  Among the agenda items will be a discussion of the Performance
Judging Form.  If you have ideas, criticisms, opinions, hopes or dreams
about the perfect performance judging criteria, please let me know and I
will carry those to the retreat. Forms (Ansteorra and Gulf Wars) can be
found at http://laurel.ansteorra.org/  If you cannot download or access the
forms there, please contact me and I will email them directly to you.
Please keep in mind that under our present system for Gulf Wars,
Performance, Static, and Scholarly Papers all compete for spots.  Thus, any
changes to our form would have to address how the scores relate (Is that
about as clear as stall muck?).

We had an excellent discussion at our Round Table at King's College last
month, including of judging and forms.  Among the ideas expressed were

1) guidelines for judges and performers;
2) use of Gulf Wars Form in lieu of our Ansteorran Form (accompanied by a a
set of guidelines for judges and performers);
3) documentation that shows what you claim to be so, is so;
4) as much objective judging as possible along with 'honest' subjective
5) clarity as to exactly how documentation will be weighted in competitions
-- "preferred but not required" is not helpful because it doesn't tell how
it will be used, if at all;
6 levels of competition -- Newbie only; Intermediate; Advanced;
7) designing forms of competition that de-emphasize winning or being judged;
8) encouraging nobles and royalty to provide opportunities for performing
beyond competitions;
9) encouraging largess for appreciated performances;and
10) Friday night circles at Gate (in addition to Saturday night circles).

One other idea had so much merit that I wanted it list it separately:  when
you host a circle, provide song sheets for 3-5 Ansteorran/SCA standards e.g.
Rising of the Star, Circles, Spring Strathspey, Farewell to Ansteorra, and
the like, and/or someone to teach Born on the List Field, Warriors Wyrd,
etc. so these treasures be not lost.  Words for many of the standards and
music for some can be found in the Voices of the Star,

(If I've missed anything, O Ye who graced the Round Table, let me know)

Yours in service,
ihon vinson macFergus
DMoAS for Bardic & Performance
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