[Bards] Thanks for the great advice...

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Fri Jun 2 14:30:32 PDT 2006

Hi Tim!

Thanks for the great advice.  I can't think more appropriate words from the 
Society MOAS on this topic.

Gotta run now.  For some reason I just have to go sing, 'For Sutan, King of 
Ansteorra' now. <wicked grin>

Love ya!  (Love your music too!)


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>Hey from far away
>Cautionary tales and Satire are certainly and rightly part of the bardic
>tradition. Some are used to great effect and others not so much. The
>main rule of thumb I normally suggest to folks who feel the need to
>'target' someone or something with this kind of venom is to:
>  a) Remove 'themselves' from the situation. If it's a personal grudge or
>opinion it has no real place in the performance and everyone will look
>at the teller as being 'petty' or 'self indulgent'
>b) Realize if its about one individual who has hurt another individual
>it is not fair to either of them to make that public and a major
>presumption to do so
>c) Major wrongdoings - if you are going to go after someone about that
>kind of thing make sure the story is not going to make redemption
>impossible. Everyone deserves the chance to screw up sometimes and then
>to apologize and be forgiven eventually
>Once you have considered all of these long term effects and issues it
>seems to me that then the duty of bards is to guide and offer a cultural
>compass about right and wrong. The trick is, like any performance, to
>make it relevant to the audience and interesting as a piece as well as
>being instructional.
>The purpose of art, after all, is to enrich, educate and illuminate
>those it touches.
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