[Bards] Willow and John Open

Amber Cook anistashiasaccents at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 16 11:16:21 PDT 2006


Dire times have come and dire consequences we shall have.
Come one, come all to the John and Willow Open.  Much fun and festivities 
will be had by all.
What we have planned so far is a Heavy List, Light List, Bardic Competition 
and bake sale. There will be Mosticolli available for $4 a plate . We will  
be accepting any “thingies” that can be sold to others at this event to be 
put into a silent auction if we have enough stuff donated.  Site fee is any 
donation you care to give.  There will be a Donation Drop off point so just 
come by and donate, All procedes go to John and Willow to help repair their 
home, and will be counted and given on site in front of all.
Anyone willing to help out in any way please contact Anistashia
This event is not in any way shape or form any part of the SCA and is only a 
bunch of friends getting together for friendship and merriment.  We shall 
hold the fighting to the rules of the Marshals in charge.

When:  June 24, 2006  gate opens at noon.  Fighting will start around  6 PM. 
  There are some tree’s and pavilion space is available.

Where:  2741 Malloy Bridge Road, Ferris Tx 75125
Directions from Dallas and west.
Go south on I45 from I-20 heading to Houston.  Go about 7 miles south of I20 
to exit 268 (Malloy Bridge Road).  Head east about 3 miles and look for the 
sign.  It will be on the left side of the road.

>From the east side of Dallas.  Take 635 to 175 and head towards Kaufman.   
Travel to the Malloy Bridge Road exit and head South.  Travel about 6 miles 
and it will be there on the right.

I will have an obvious sign out front measuring about 2.5 feet by 2 feet.  
You cant miss it.  Any questions call me, number will be on the bottom of 
this page.

Contacts  Don Wilkinson  817-403-4595  Email Bjarnklo at hotmail.com
And Anistashia at 214 607 0009
anistashiasaccents at hotmil.com

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