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Wed Nov 1 03:34:25 PST 2006

Okay i have come out of the closet .. baring any major life instances I will be at Melee's with or with out the family bumming a ride with some one or driving my self AND I will be entering my very first bardic competition!!!!! Okay now before I start running around overtaken by terror at what I have just committed my self to. 
  Could someone please tell me what you do when you put your self in front of however many very scarey people I will be shaking in front of :-) 
  I mean do you get called up ...
  do you announce your self 
  do you pass out 
  be so scared you are stiff ..... WHAT ??? LOL 
  do you tell who wrote the song you are going to sing recite or tell, Okay now that I have run on at the terror mobile LOL .......please help 
  thank you Lady Gwen

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