[Bards] In favor of a College

Colin MacNachtan dcm at mccr.org
Wed Nov 1 11:08:30 PST 2006

First, let me introduce myself.  I do not yet consider myself a Bard.  I am a 
relative newcomer, only having been active for about 2 years.  During that 
time, a number of things have drawn my interest, including Bardcraft.  I have 
been to a few Bardic circles which made me think I too could some day become 
a Bard (notably ones featuring Gerald, Alden, and Robin).

Some time over a year ago a Bard here in Bryn Gwlad began regular Bardcraft 
meetings for those of us who wished to learn the craft.  Shortly afterward, 
however, she moved out of kingdom for mundane reasons.  We wished to continue 
learning, so I took on the mantle of leadership and tried to continue.  This 
attempt was a failure.  No one in the group was an experienced bard, and 
attendance fell away to nothing.  I made some effort to enlist local 
experienced Bards to help out, but no one stepped up.  The group is now 
defunct, and I have all but abandoned my efforts to learn Bardcraft.

I am excited at the prospect of a Bardic College.  I would love to have a 
place to turn to for assistance and direction, and perhaps some guidance on 
how to aid those in the Barony who also wish to learn.  For those of you who 
are saying "We have the resources we need and are doing fine in our local 
group", I am happy for you (and perhaps a bit envious).  I am sure there are 
other people in groups like mine where there are no Bards willing to provide 
instruction and support, where a College holds out the hope that we may find 
support for our efforts.

Colin MacNachtan

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