[Bards] No sugar why the college was killed

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Wed Nov 1 21:17:25 PST 2006

>  I don't know if you remember, but
> you came to me with a strange plan concerning the College and where
> you wanted it to go. Again it was something that was not controlled by
> the Bards/performers but controlled by the Dukes. I refused to take
> part.
> That isn't correct. I came to you with a suggestion from Duke Inman 
> and asked what you wanted to do. I never said I wanted it to go under 
> the control of the Dukes (what do the past monachs directly contribute 
> to bardcraft besides patronage? I asked you that), I said I wanted 
> your opinion on the matter of past royalty having influence.
That's a distinct difference. You weren't interested, for good cause, 
and I let it drop. I never petitioned or campaigned for such an idea, I 
simply wanted your feedback.

Boy, It's fun being in the middle of two Old timers.

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