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Simone Ui'Dunlaingh simonemu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 06:09:41 PST 2006

Again i will try.

The older bards may know why the Queens college of bards was
colosed..that i can not answer.

As for the recent incarnation of the college going dormant.

Lack of promotion, lack of encouragement. Pubare from bryngwalad was
chosen to replace me when my term ended. I handed over a copy of the
materials I had gathered in my tenure.

for a while the momentoum was carried on then we stoped seeing pubear
at events. and the college soon after was stoped being promoted

I do not know if a sucessor for the office of College information
cordinator was chosen by another primer bard after Pubear. if the
office was not refilled then we have no one transfering information or
promoting the college and it has gone dormant.

After my wedding I am willing to track down allthe information I have
hear at the house and in storage pertaing to the college...but with me
gettng married this weekend I regret I do not have the time now.


> Now I'm going to ask another hard question. (I'd rather resolve them
> now -- when the asking and answering can strengthen us -- than later
> -- when they can undermine what we're trying to do.)
> Tell me again why the college failed? (I thought about it, but chose
> not to say something gentle like "went dormant". It failed. Let's
> just acknowledge that and build from there.) If the charter was
> sound, the organization was healthy, and the drive was there from the
> people behind it, why did it die? Why is it not, today, a vibrant and
> active part of the Kingdom?
> (The other side of that question is: given the answer, what can we do
> differently this time so we don't go down the same road again?)
> I know that an explanation has already been given (paraphrased, "the
> Crown wasn't bardic-friendly, and certain Nobles in Fief weren't
> bardic-friendly, so we couldn't continue"), but, frankly, I am having
> a hard time understanding and accepting that answer. That boils down
> to "it wasn't our fault, other people did this to us". Sorry, but --
> truly meaning no offense -- that just sounds like denial, and not
> taking responsibility. If this group had been healthy, I can't see
> how a single bardic-unfriendly Crown (with a reign of 6 months) or a
> few bardic-unfriendly Nobles could shut it down. (For that matter, I
> was Baron of Stargate from 1995 to 2000. I'd like to think I knew the
> other branch nobles fairly well, and I can't name one who was -- to
> my knowledge -- unfriendly to bardic. On the contrary, several of
> them *were* bards.) So... can someone either please clarify that
> explanation, or offer a different one?
> Michael
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