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I don't think the question was avoided.  The college will provide the same services to all bards across Ansteorra, but a lot of what will be given will probably be driven by the bards in any given area who step up to make it happen.  Some areas will have more participation than others, that's just how the demographics work.   Some activities will probably be centrally located to the kingdom (Eisteddfod?).  Some activities will travel among the regions (Ansteorran Bardic Collegium/ King's College), Some activities will happen in all regions (competitions, circles, classes).  But an area with 100 bards might have more things happening than an area with only 10 bards.

Consider this:  I would *love* for Ansteorra to host Known World Bardic Congress and Cook's Collegium.  I think it would be incredibly beneficial to the bards locally to get to take some of the classes that get offered there.  However, the northern kingdoms seem to have more high-end bards to teach those classes, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to ask a majority to travel to serve a minority.  So what can we do?  Build up our own bardic knowledge base and community size in the southern kingdoms to something comparable and submit a comparable bid to the Society Minister of A&S.  Or, plan B, take a trip up north and attend the event up there. :)  Incidently, the next Known World Bardic will be in two years, and I fully plan to go and teach something. :)


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Which neatly avoids the question, Your Lordship.

~Svetlana Andreivna Volkova

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> Will a college GIVE equal support to bards in all regions of
> Ansteorra?  Will the bards of those regions GIVE support to the
> college.
> Historically, I've found that you get what you give.  And that's true
> of just about anything.
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