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On 11/2/06, T'Star <bedlamandmayhem at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have one question:
> If there is a College will it give EQUAL suport to bards in ALL regions of
> Ansteorra?
> If it's going to give priority to ANY region over any other simply based
> on location it should not exist, because it won't survive. I haven't been
> here that long and I'm already picking up on the divisions between the
> different regions in the kingdom, some of them very ugly indeed.
> ~Svetlana Andreivna Volkova

     The college / fellowship / whatever,  is just a collection of
individuals.  Each region will get the support that various individuals
choose to give it.  If the bards of the Northern or Western regions are not
supporting and promoting bardcraft in their area, they can hardly complain
that the Coastal bards aren't coming up and doing it.
     If there is something that you want to see done, it's easy to complain
that other people aren't doing it.  It's much more useful to do it
yourself.  It is a lot easier to get people to help you do something than it
is to get people to do it for you.
    If you want bardcraft promoted in your region then get out and start
promoting bardcraft in your region.  If you want a bardic workshop in your
area, convince your shire or barony to host one then work your but off to
promote it.  Go to bardic circles at other events and ask the bards there to
come to your event.  Bardic Circles don't just happen.  Someone has to make
them happen.  Be that someone.
    Be passionate about what you do.  Nothing is more interesting than
genuine passion.  If you are passionate and excited about what you are
doing, it catches peoples attention and makes them want to do it with you.
   Will the college give equal support to all regions?  Define equal.  It
will give what support the individuals in it choose to give, and it will
give that support where those individuals choose to give it.  So join up and
make sure your region gets the support it deserves.
    I will be moving back to the Northern Region in a few months.  Once
there I will do whatever I can to support the bards in my area.  I probably
won't be much help to the bards of the Coastal region.


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