[Bards] bardic website

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 2 17:02:02 PST 2006

Hey everybody,
Some folks have started sending me stuff to upload onto the website.  Kudos!  That's exactly what we need!

This is some of what I would like to begin collecting:

* a list of every branch's past and current titled bards[1];
* class notes written by bards for classes they've taught
* event announcements for events where bardic things are scheduled
* bard profiles (with and without original bardic works) with photos[2]
* good resource links
* a photo gallery[3]
* news of bardic awards given by the Crown

I was also thinking about adding a bulletin board for people to post 
announcements and such directly.  The email list can get a bit 
cumbersome to sift through sometimes.  I need to look into it some 

[1] please don't email me with, "I was the Bard of Blah from 2000-2001."  If you are interested and can, try to research all the bards of that branch before and after you and send me the *LIST*, in order if you can, with dates would be nice, but as close to complete as you can get it.

[2] some bards haven't sent in profiles and photos because they see the ones on the website all have original compositions attached to them.  You don't have to write original stuff to be included there.  Just send a photo, a little bio/blurb and an email address.  This is to help give people a face to a name on a roster.  

[3] if you send me photos, be sure to send me permission to put the photo on the website, and email addresses of everyone else in the photo, so I can get their permission to publish their image.


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