[Bards] What happened to the College, and what it means to a new college

Genie Barrett maggie.gene at justinanimator.com
Thu Nov 2 19:20:23 PST 2006

At 08:45 PM 11/2/2006, you wrote:

>We've dredged up some ghosts of the past... but that had to happen, I
>think, before we could go forward -- together -- with a clear mind
>and an unburdened heart. And something else is happening, too. I
>think it's fair to say that in the past few days we've changed from a
>collection of individuals who happen to be subscribed to this e-list,
>to a group with a common purpose.


As someone who has played in the SCA for almost a decade, but only 
two years in Ansteorra, I have truly been inspired by the 
conversation that has been going on these last few days.

Master Robin, I regret to say that I have never had the occasion to 
hear you perform except once in your own home.  However, I have 
watched you from the first time saw you.  To me, you are one of those 
people who inspire just because you are so much closer to the dream than I am.

I want this college to happen for these reasons.

1.  I want to have a consistent, yearly, bardic collegium.

I have a BA with a focus on Music History.  It's my love, my hobby, 
and my passion.  Only in a collegium or with a paper at an A&S event 
can I share some of the things I truly love, and papers are so dry...

2.  I want another excuse to travel around this Kingdom.

I have so many places yet to go.  So many people yet to meet.  So 
many places yet to see.  I NEED another excuse, and what better than 
doing it with the music I love.

3.  I know what it's like to be in a remote place with no one to sing 
the songs to tell me how they are "supposed" to be sung.

Yes, it's fun to hear someone else's version of a song I've learned, 
but when it's a traditional one that everyone else knows a certain 
way, it can be rather embarrassing when I start a song as a slow 
ballad, and everyone else joins in for the chorus and make it a 
rousing frolicy thing.  I felt so bad for the girl at Gulf Wars who 
started singing "Born on the List Field", expecting it to be a "new" 
song to the group and then was swept away.

4.  I like to find places to sing the unusual songs.

Everyone knows that some songs are NOT appropriate for 
competition.  Other songs, will never be "right" for singing in 
court.  Still others will fall very flat around a campfire.  The more 
chances to hear about people in diverse places are more chances to 
sing in them.

Now, those are my reasons.  I think that a college will help because 
it will get people talking, sharing, even bragging.  It will spark 
intellectual and scholarly conversations as well as make more 
friends.  I don't think I would feel comfortable wearing a blue 
baldric, but I would be willing to wear the Star and Harp.  I'd love 
to mentor others the way I was mentored and I know that being part of 
a college will push me out of my comfort zone and make me share what I know.

This weekend, I will be at Three Kings.  I was hoping to host a 
bardic at my campsite, but due to mundane life will be day tripping it.  So....

Would the good my lord who said he would be willing to host a bardic 
be willing to do so?  I'll come.  I'll sing.  I'll look for friends, 
to both see again and make new.  I'll have largess to give out.

Her excellency Duchess Willow has challenged us to join and earn 
points for the king with the most stuff. (Goodies, they are all part 
of a bard's life, no?)  I will be there.  I will sing.  I will compete.

I'll continue as I have always done, but with more purpose and a more 
positive bent knowing that there are others out there, like me, who 
only want to live the dream a little better.

Yours in service to the Dream,
Maggie MacPherson
Elfsea Bard 

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