[Bards] bardic college

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Fri Nov 3 16:12:23 PST 2006

> p.s. as an aside, I don't understand the comment about "divisions
> between the different regions in the kingdom, some of them very ugly
> indeed". Seriously. I don't understand that.

Michael, I can help with that one.
  She isn't speaking hypothetically, there are some folks who use terms 
like northerners, southerners, westies, etc. They actually speak of the 
region as being vastly different with distinct cultures and political 
differences. Combine that with the occasional Principality talk that 
springs up north of the Red River from time to time, and you can see 
where she gets that impression. No, not everyone feels that way, but 
there is a vocal group of folk who actually call the north 
"Nordsteorra" and consider themselves a separate body with different 
goals from the Kingdom. Nothing wrong with it, it may be that one day 
that will happen, but it has sometimes led to that ugliness she 
referred to.

I've heard a number of folks in the western region describe the rest of 
Ansteorra as a unified whole while they struggle on our borders to feel 
included or welcome. The impression that the administrative divisions 
represent legit differences in the populace of the Kingdom is very 
real, not pervasive, but real nonetheless.

Personally, I think it's crap.


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