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Esther reese_esther at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 4 20:50:44 PST 2006

Who decides if you deserve to claim a strength? Is it something we decide for ourselves, or will the college determine a standard?
  If so, how will it be applied?

Cisco Cividanes <engtrktwo at earthlink.net> wrote:

I'm following all the conversation about the college. My ultimate reaction is as follows:

sounds great; let me know if you need anything.

Unless anyone objects, I think there is a slightly more direct thing we can do that will help a lot as well. 

Lets talk about insignia. I mentioned this before. I think there should be some standardized way of declaring:

I am a bard, who is strongest in "X" discipline. 

Reasons are as follows:

Newcomers can tell right off the bat who the bards are, this will hopefully facilitate more communication

People who are looking for other bards can now tell who they are, even if they are not locals.

You can declare you craft and your support of it whenever you want without having to raise your hand up and actually say "Im a bard"


You all get the idea.

It doesn't have to be anything spectacular, but I really think it should be in existence. 

Ivo Blackhawk

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