[Bards] College Hash

Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
Sat Nov 4 21:45:49 PST 2006

So.  Now that we can say college with only a few people wincing, I'm seeing
some interesting suggestions.

One thing I've noticed is that Master McFergus has been noticably absent in
any of this discussion.  I'll go invite him.  "Hey Ihon! Y'ant to look at

I'd also like to point out that Ihon's position is not an "official" kingdom
position (as, say, MoAS), but a deputy position given to him by the current
KMoAS.  What if the next MoAS decides that this whole deputy thing for the
performers is a bunch of hogwash.  They're bards!  They can take care of

Should the rules of engagement that we're throwing out take into the
consideration the possible tempramental nature of the DMoAS (performance)?

I personally am not up for something that starts to hint of ranking systems
when it comes to the bard-target.  I think a blue cloth belt favor with gold
fringe and possibly the bardic emblem that Alden described is a good start.
I am leary of adding slashes, or anything other than tokens of largess on
the target.  As always, ymmv.

I LIKE the idea of having a yearly centralized meeting at Eistedfodd for all
the reasons previously mentioned.

So.  Hope everyone's having a good weekend.


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