[Bards] College Hash

Gerald Norris jerryn at houston.rr.com
Sun Nov 5 06:51:05 PST 2006

So.  This brings up the questions: Will we, as a college, as a community, be
able to understand that some people for whatever reason, choose not to wear
a bard-target?  If we see someone we know is active in support of the
community not wearing their target, will the assumption be that something
must be wrong?  Or can we be casual in our useage of the target?  Can we be
casual in the non-usage of the target?

Darius wrote:

Alrighty folks. I am with Finnacan on the whole sash, favor thingy. Even
though I can document belt favors to 16th century Italy (check out the
period illustrations in DiGrassi's "True arte of Defense") I am not a 16th
century itallian. Further, I am just not fond of sashes, they bind and get
snaged on things and if you are a clutz like me you may just find your self
being told, "pardon me m'lord your sash is on fire"

If folks wan to wear them ...cool go for it, just understand that some of us
won't be wearing them, although we will still be supporting the college. 
Myself I plan to make a banner to hang at my camp whenever I have it open
for a circle. Kind of an open invitation to any who wants to come and join.

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