[Bards] Insignia

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 5 08:58:12 PST 2006


first of all, I am totally and completely opposed to any system of ranks. bardic is an A&S diciplin, and we have ranks and awards for that. 

What Im talked about is somehting that a bard an elect to ware that will decalre them to be a bard.

Example: what if someone registered a bard under thier name, or in the college's name (Im not entierly sure how that would work) that we can all generally accept to be the universal flag for bardic in ansteorra. Then anyone could ware the badge like their would ware a household badge, or a unit insignia, or a household's liverly  ect...

As for the denotions of specific skills, those too should be voluntary, but I am still totally for them. 

Darius, Im sorry, but I think you're over analyzing this with your arguement.  

The point is not to pidgon-hole people, but to let someone declare for themselves that they have a specific strength that they like to display. I would ware a storyteller's insignia without question. Two reasons why, one I am a passable singer, and know relatively few songs, and I am NOT a poet and avoid poetry in the vast majority of performances. That being said, if I were in a  circle, hopefully someone would look at me, see my badge and hopefully know that I am/am not the type of performer they are looking for. 

If you dont want to ware one then don't, by all means what Im talking about is not a ranking system, just a set of standordized road signs to help the new, the unknowing, the unfamilear and the interested people we meet out there. 

Like any emblium, a redgistered bage would be protected and could be displayed any way we wanted, so long as she heraldry is preserved. 

Ivo Blackhawk

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