[Bards] not going to put a subject not to sure they are read anyway

Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 5 11:50:45 PST 2006

Minister of Arts and Sciences--local level office

Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences--Kingdom level office

Demutity Minister of Arts and Sciences--deputity to the KMoAS, Im not sure if it is a warrented office, but its an important one.

>I know I am going to feel really stupid when this is anwsered but I can not figure out what it means.
>And I keep seeing discriptions of the Bardic emblem but does any one actually have a copy of it on the computer >so that some of us can see it and touch it and somehow or another make something with it ?????
>Lady Gwen

Heay, dont worry about it, it took me a while too, and the only reason I havn't asked alot of thes questions is I have two kindgom level officers on my IM, so I get to IM them and ask them in the Privacy of an IM window. :)

Ivo Blackhawk

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