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I appologize.  It's so much easier to type the letters w/o the words that you forget people can't hear you type:

Geneva or Tracy Tanner <tanner.g at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
    Since there are people new to the list and I guess I am just not in the know could someone please explain a few terms I have been reading here and there.
  MoAS--Minister of Arts and Sciences
  KMoAS-Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
  DMoAS-deputy Minister Arts and Sciences (for bardic-I am actually lucky enough to have quite a lot of helpers to promote the arts)
  I know I am going to feel really stupid when this is anwsered but I can not figure out what it means.
  And I keep seeing discriptions of the Bardic emblem but does any one actually have a copy of it on the computer so that some of us can see it and touch it and somehow or another make something with it ?????
  Lady Gwen

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