[Bards] So let's quit sitting on the sidelines and getdancingalready

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sun Nov 5 14:02:40 PST 2006

Michael Silverhands wrote:

> I put this to you: we now, at this moment, have a college of
> Ansteorran bards. Every bard in Ansteorra who will go out there and
> encourage the bardic arts is a member. We already have our officers:
> the Premier Bard, and the Deputy KMoAS (Bardic). We already have our
> newsletter (this elist, and the web site at <http://
> bard.ansteorra.org/>).

I've said this before, and it won't change.  The Deputy KMOAS is *not* our 
oficer, and we cannot assign him (or her) to the college.  He (or she) is 
the corporation's officer.  We have no authority to assign him or her 
duties.  Note that the statement above implies that people with no interest 
in the college are ineligible to be the Deputy KMOAS, which we have no right 
to assert.  Also note that by forcing this officer to be an active member of 
the college, all the pretty statements about "No member of the College, to 
include officers, shall have the right to A.) Determine membership in the 
College B.) impose standards of performance ..." have already been violated, 
since we have already imposed memebership requirements and the performance 
of certain duties to this kingdom officer.

Secondly, we can no more assign duties to the Premier Bard than a 
self-selected portion of the populace of the Steppes can assign duties to 
the Steppes Warlord.

If we want officers that we can assign duties to, we will have to do the 
work of choosing them ourselves.  We cannot piggyback our duties onto the 
kingdom's officer.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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