[Bards] College Hash

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sun Nov 5 14:16:43 PST 2006

Gerald asked:

> So.  This brings up the questions: Will we, as a college, as a community, 
> be
> able to understand that some people for whatever reason, choose not to 
> wear
> a bard-target?  If we see someone we know is active in support of the
> community not wearing their target, will the assumption be that something
> must be wrong?  Or can we be casual in our useage of the target?  Can we 
> be
> casual in the non-usage of the target?

Let me rephrase the question to add a little clarity:

Do we plan to institute a dress code?

No, we don't.

I'm a don when I don't wear my White Scarf; I'm a Pelican and a Laurel when 
I don't wear my medallions; I'm a baron when I don't wear my coronet.  I 
assume that I'm a bard when I don't wear my sash.

If we are trying to create the Stepford Bards, then everybody has to wear 
their college-assigned insignia.   But if we are trying to offer assets for 
them to use if they choose, then they get to choose.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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