[Bards] College Hash

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Sun Nov 5 14:55:56 PST 2006

> It's a valid point, but I have trouble getting too worked up over it, 
> since
> I don't know any culture in which a blue sash is *more* inappropriate 
> than a
> medallion with a laurel wreath or Mexcian thistle on it, or a
> rainbow-colored ribbon.  Virtually all of our insignia in modern.  The 
> only
> insignia I have that I can justify is the white scarf, used in the
> Renaissance to denote a military officer, or, by stretching the Order 
> of the
> Garter, either a garter insignia or a cloak.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

  Well, I would argue that the display of a heraldic charge or badge, 
like the harp and star, are more common in period than a blue sash, but 
like I said, this is my personal preference and like you, I see no 
reason to get worked up over it. I'd argue that the laurel wreath and 
the thistle fall into the same category.
But Robin, on the Iris ribbon, you and I agree. I'd almost rather we 
had a black fleur-de-lis (Heraldic iris), or even a colored scarf.

Note: I am not assigning the College of Heralds new duties concerning 
A&S regalia, just talking with the man from Gilwell.

: )


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