[Bards] some Notes!

Darius masterdarius at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 5 17:48:46 PST 2006

Howdy Ivo!

> First: The "we are just talking" comment is a little late in coming, some 
> of you guys have really >laid down some specific "talking points" and for 
> some of us, it
> looks like the decision have
>been made already.

Some things have been laid down, can't build a house without first deciding 
what kind of timber to frame it with. Suggestions have been made agreed to 
and disputed. but it was also all done with the caveat that this was nothing 
final or set in stone. A time line for _proposing_ a final structure was 
suggested as Eisteddfodd.  Specific talking points are good, they give us a 
direction to work in. It has also been clearly stated that any thing we do 
have done we have so far discussed without the input of the KDMoAS for 
performance or the Kingdom Bard.

> Robin, Michael, Darius...You all need to remind yourselves that your 
> statements are powerful, >carry a lot of weight, and are phrased in rather 
> factual terms. Im >not saying these are bad, but >some of us are probably 
> feeling a little intimidated by the 'confidence' of your statements.

One day my friend we will sit and share a dram or two and I'll tell you 
horror stories of just how far the implied authority of our rank can go and 
how much really can go wrong. For now I ask that you simply trust me when I 
say that any one who has a peerage, a brass hat, or has sat a greater office 
is painfully aware of how powerful our statements can be even if we do not 
intend them to be so.

> Two: I don't know if anyone has thought do this, but has there been any 
> consideration of >incorporating existing administrative structures into 
> this college idea. I >mean, for instance, >Mooneschadowe has a existing 
> bardic Guild, might we want to build a system that establishes >contact 
> with eh guild head. for information >and feedback.

Haven't heard any talk of it, post the guilds system/structure and lets take 
a look at it! As a past Star Signet contact with the local guilds is 
certainly one of the weak points of that college.

> Three: I am becoming opposed to the college for two reasons. the first is 
> that I am not thrilled >about any kingdom level system that runs in 
> parallel to existing >kingdom officers but yet doesn't >answer to them. 
> And second, the more I hear about this, the more this whole thing sounds 
> like >it is being built with political >motivations, either out of 
> resentment of past experiences, or >distrust of the current SCA officers 
> cadre.
> If this isn't the case, then some people might want to go back and look as 
> their previous >statements, and rethink how they are phrased.

Ah politics, how we have maligned thee. Let us all remember that a Political 
system is by definition neither good nor bad, it is just a system of how 
things work. We are, in fact, creating a Political system by embracing a 
structured college. That is not of course to say we don't already have one. 
For my self I have been quite open that out of past experience I am leery of 
a bardic college, I am also willing to set my own distrust of the past aside 
to support a new endeavor. I believe many of the points and counter points 
that have been given are of a similar sort. Posted here to illustrate the 
pitfalls that were not avoided in the past.

> and finally....
> Look, people have already told me that the college will not affect me in 
> my day in day out bardic. after the last few days of posting, I really 
> would like to know >why in the heck I would even want this college. (note: 
> answers like "to promote bardic" don't fly well with me. I would really 
> like some concrete "this is what the >college will do that is not being 
> done" statements)
> Ivo

This is by far the most sensible question I have heard since this thread 
began. The answer is of course because we are a community that is not 
cohesive. Placing a structure here is one way to encourage more cohesiveness 
and support of our activities from within the loose community that already 
exist. I think the real question of the college is, if we build this house 
is any one going to bother to live in it?

Another question is, What other ways are there to encourage more 
cohesiveness in our community?

Do we need to build this house at all?

IMHO we are a community and college now irrelevant of a formal structure. We 
have a flag to fly at gatherings and many fine people dedicated to advancing 
performance in Ansteorra. I for one intend fly that flag and do what I can 
whatever the outcome of this experiment. I certainly hope this is the 
thought of my brother and sister bards as well for if we are not willing to 
each put forth an effort for our community they this incarnation of the 
college is as doomed as any that came before it. 

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