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Just a point, but one often missed; one never commands respect, one earns
I sing a fair song and can play a tune passably, I encourage others to do
the same with joy in their hearts.  Some people respect me for my use of my
talents and others just wish I'd take a bath ;-).
Opportunities will pass you by from time to time;  it's not a slight, but
there are only so many hours in a day, and many performers in the kingdom
have taken a passive role in performing for the Kingdom.  Kat and I, Alden,
a few others, try to insure that there is some type of bardic activity at
events we attend.  I play at list fields during the day and wander about to
spread the music.  While it's not EASY to find a place to introduce a song
during an event now, we can work at finding ways of working with stewards
and offering our services to our landed nobles so that they will feel more
at ease at calling upon performers.  
The trick is to not take a passed opportunity personally.

 Cormac wrote:
  If we had a formal college, perhaps we might command a bit more respect.

Just my thoughts and they are to be taken lighly for i admit to being a much
better swordsman than i am a bard
Ld. Cormac Starwalker



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I think the idea of a bardic college is wonderful.
I think the subgroups within the society should work together to fit into
the already established beaurocracy whenever possible to make the whole
Someone I respect greatly once told me that if we held Queen's Champion in
Trimaris, there would be Rapier fighters from Ansteorra there to fight for
It is up to the Bardic community to show Ansteorra the contribution they can
make and we as Peers and officers to support them.

We're brainstorming and your input is certainly desired.

I for one am glad to see you here, Mistress Blackrose.

What is your opinion of this potential College Statement? What do you 
like, dislike, or want to see changed?


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