[Bards] So let's.. College Statement

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 5 20:00:46 PST 2006

On Nov 5, 2006, at 9:13 PM, Dan Corley wrote:
> ... I had written a special song for our new baron and never got to  
> perform it because he was too busy congratulating the fighters. If  
> we had a formal college, perhaps we might command a bit more respect.
> Just my thoughts and they are to be taken lighly for i admit to  
> being a much better swordsman than i am a bard
> Ld. Cormac Starwalker
Lord Cormac,

I wasn't there, and I haven't walked in your shoes; but I *have* been  
a territorial baron, and I *have* been a performer wishing to perform  
for one... so while I don't *know* what happened, I can make a guess...

Did you talk to your new baron before-hand and let him know that you  
had written him a song to commemorate the occasion, and would like  
the chance to perform it for him? I'm going to guess that you didn't.  
That's not a slight against you... just a hard lesson for what to try  
next time instead. :-)

An event -- especially court -- is very much like a stage production.  
There are players who have big parts with lots of lines to say (such  
as the baron), and there are "walk-on" parts. The fact is, just like  
in a regular play (e.g. Shakespeare) there are a lot more "walk-on"  
parts than there are main roles. A wise baron will always try to make  
room on the stage for even the player with only a few lines to say.  
Because the wise baron knows that without all of those other players  
on the stage, his part doesn't mean a thing.

So... maybe you did talk to your baron, and maybe he "blew you off".  
I would be surprised, but we're all just people, and people make  
mistakes, especially those new to a job. But either way: talk to your  
baron before the *next* event, or even the next meeting of the  
populace. I wager that he'd love to hear your song, and will make  
room for you on the stage -- if you will but let him know you are  
there. :-)

Good luck,

p.s. I'm also probably a better swordsman than I am a bard... which  
should tell you something ;-)

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