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I hear HG Patrick told a wonderful story this weekend...did anyone hear it?

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          More word fame ...
  Maggie and I found the campfire of Sir Randall and Master Airaklee a most welcome place both to perform and to be entertained.  These two sword masters can spin a mean yarn themselves, and are both true patrons of the bardic arts.
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    I was at Three Kings yesterday, and while there was an excellent bardic competition in the afternoon, there were at least half a dozen bards wandering around in the evening looking for someplace to perform.
  If we want to support the bardic arts, the most immediate service we can do is for some of us to sponsor places for the rest of us to gather.  I hereby commit to providing a place for the bards Saturday evening at Steppes Warlord, and Sunday as well unless somebody else wants to claim it.  But can other people set up places at their own local events?  This is an immediate need, and the first big service we can offer each other.
  Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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