[Bards] College Hash

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Mon Nov 6 08:45:32 PST 2006

Scott Barrett wrote:
>   Gerald, I gotta admit, my mileage varies.
> I just cannot justify a blue sash with an eye toward authenticity in my 
> wardrobe, and belt favors I cannot verify at all. If that isn't 
> important to some people, rock on. I'm just speaking of my own 
> preferences.
>   I encourage creative ways of displaying the emblem within the bounds 
> of each person's chosen persona. If you are are of the lucky ones that 
> can wear sashes and large scarves fashionably according to your 
> persona's culture, enjoy, but I just don't see it being as widespread 
> as the emblem. I think the heraldic charge of the College should get 
> predominant attention.
> Just my opinion.
> ~Finnacan
I believe the the idea for the sash when it was talked about earlier on 
the list, was for it to be a visible sign to those OUTSIDE the bardic 
community that the person wearing it would be willing to perform at that 
particular time.  Something like a taxi's in-service light.  This was 
talked about to allow the Nobles, Autocrats, etc easily grab a bard to 
fill dead time.  As such it would need to be easily visible and "clash" 
with your garb.  Think of it the same as a Herald's sash.  Wearing one 
means you're willing to go out and make announcements.  If you need a 
break, you can take it off.  This was also looked at as a way to help 
those newer bards who do not have the same level of reputation be 
recognized as willing and available to perform before court gets started 
or a situation like that.

Now I agree that the insignia for the College should be more flexible in 
fitting in with one's garb, mainly because it is something that would 
probably be worn most of the time.

So to sum it up, I see the College insignia and the blue sash as two 
different things.  The first meaning that you support the College and 
the bardic arts in general, and the second meaning that you are willing 
to get up and perform right now.

That's my thoughts.  How do the rest of you see it?


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