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Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Mon Nov 6 13:17:02 PST 2006

"Would someone other than me please take the rough draft that I "threw  
out there", add whatever has been added, and post it here (and on the  
bard website, if you think we're far enough along for that)?
I am deliberately recusing myself from this task, so as not to be  
seen to be too involved in it (read: "controlling")."


As per Michael's request, here's what we have thus far. Changes have 
been included to reflect recent discussion.
I encourage you to call your fellow bards and chat about this, print 
this up, make marks all over it (be sure to draw some obscene images of 
your favorite bards) and pass this thing around.

>> ----- begin -----
>> Statement of Purpose
>> * The Ansteorran College of Bards is an informal guild whose members
>> practice and promote the bardic arts in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
>> Officers
A. (It should be noted that neither of these positions mentioned below 
may be viable officials of the College. It may be that a 
College-specific office will need to be designed that combines many of 
the duties spelled out below. This may be a rotating position with a 
time limit and would open for bids or be subject to a majority 
approval. It may also be a permanent position. These decisions have yet 
to be made and will likely require much debate.)

It may also be concluded that the College requires no official 
positions whatsoever.)

B. (the following is subject to the agreement of the individuals that 
currently hold these positions as well as consent for such additions 
from their administrative supervisors, if they have any. Further 
specification is expected in this area. Future applicants and 
competitors for these positions will be made aware of the position's 
relations with the College prior to acceptance.)

>> * The officers are the Premier Bard and the Deputy Kingdom Minister
>> of Arts and Sciences (Bardic).
>> ** The Premier Bard (chosen at the yearly kingdom Eisteddfod, or 
>> Kingdom bard competition) is the spokesperson for the bardic 
>> community.
>> Their job is to communicate with members of the college to determine
>> their needs, to anticipate their needs, and to communicate those
>> needs to the Kingdom officers. It is also their job to travel the
>> kingdom promoting the bardic arts by performing, teaching, speaking
>> about bardic, and encouraging local bards to do likewise.

It can be rightly argued that most of this is already the realm of the 
Premier Bard. What remains to be seen is the views of the current 
Premier. Planning of the Eisteddfod is currently perceived as a 
responsibility of the Premier Bard.

>> ** The Deputy KMoAS (Bardic) is the spokesperson for the Kingdom and
>> the corporation. Their job is to communicate with other Kingdom
>> officers, especially branch seneschals and event planners, to promote
>> bardic activities at events, especially the Kingdom Eisteddfod.

This will involve some detailed discussions with the Deputy, the 
Kingdom Minister of A&S, and likely approval from the Kingdom Seneschal 
to change the wording of these position's descriptions.
>> Members
>> * Anyone can be a member of the Ansteorran College of Bards. To be
>> one, say you are one, or display the insignia of the College in
>> whatever form (belt favor, banner, etc.). The insignia is "Or, a
>> mullet of five greater and five lesser points within the frame of an
>> Irish harp sable".

The wearing of a sky blue sash (often decorated with gold fringe,) to 
indicate a readiness to perform is the choice of every performer and is 
included here as an option.

** The duties of a member are to communicate with the officers of the
>> college, and to personally work to promote the bardic arts within
>> Ansteorra. They can do this many ways. Examples include (but are not
>> limited to):
>> *** perform bardic at events
>> *** attend branch meetings, perform bardic at them, and encourage
>> newcomers to talk to them about the bardic arts
>> *** host bardic circles -- at events, at practices, at demos or in
>> your own backyard
>> *** teach classes in bardic, either formally or informally, in a
>> class setting or one-on-one -- it doesn't matter, as long as teaching
>> and learning are getting done
>> *** put out a call to other bards when their assistance is needed,
>> such as to hold classes or bardic events
>> *** answer the call put out by other bards, within the limits of your
>> abilities and resources

Note that the previous are not requirements for membership, but are 
suggestions for furthering bardcraft in the Kingdom that members may 
want to give consideration in their day-to-day involvement in the SCA.

> "Membership in the Ansteorran College of Bards grants neither 
> expertise nor authority.
>  No member of the College, to include officers, shall have the right to
> A.) Deny (was determine) membership in the College
> B.) impose standards of performance on any participant in the SCA 
> outside the particular format chosen for an individual competition or 
> bardic venue, in which participation remains the choice of the 
> performer.
> The opinions and views of the bardic arts offered by a member or an 
> officer will be those of the individual member or officer only and 
> will not necessarily represent the views of the Ansteorran College of 
> Bards."
The exception to this will be when the Premier Bard acts as a 
spokeperson for the College as a whole concerning issues that affect 
the entire College.
Otherwise, the Premier Bard's personal critiques will remain their own.

>> * To facilitate communications among the members and the officers,
>> there is an email list (bards at lists.ansteorra.org) and a site on the
>> world wide web (<http://bard.ansteorra.org/>). All official
>> communications of the college shall be made there.

      A yearly gathering of College members to discuss the year's events 
and the goals of the College has been proposed.
     Further specifications are expected concerning this topic. This 
would also be a forum for meeting newcomers.
     This yearly gathering, or bardmoot, would not hinder or replace 
other College meetings throughout the Kingdom.

>> ----- end -----

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