[Bards] So let's quit sitting on the sidelines andgetdancingalready

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Mon Nov 6 14:52:35 PST 2006

Michael Silverhands <silverhands at sbcglobal.net> wrote:    
On Nov 6, 2006, at 2:47 PM, Jay Rudin wrote:

> I would like us to build a co-op -- a group of individuals working 
> to help
> each other. The very nature of that desire means I don't want it 
> run by the
> kingdom's officers. I think we should band together to do it 
> ourselves.
> What officers would we need? Probably only one -- to coordinate 
> meeting
> times and places. We definitely need at least that, unless we 
> decide to
> abandon any attempt to include the bards who aren't able to be 
> active on
> this list.

??? What on earth are you talking about?

We happen to be on this list talking this up. This is where the issue 
was raised in the first place. We're discussing some ideas, kicking 
them around, talking about discussing them further at Eisteddfod (in 
person), and seeking clarification and refinement of those ideas in 
the mean time.

I'm pretty sure nobody's assigning anybody duties just yet. We're 
kicking around ideas. We've attempted to get the KMoAS and Premier 
Bard to become involved in the discussion, but they're a little busy 
just now. 

  Actually, I've read most of these threads with great interest and posted when I felt it was necessary.  I promote the Arts and Sciences in Ansteorra.  I take care of the business end of the A&S office.  It is up to all of you to talk this out and decide the direction you want to go.

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