[Bards] So let's.. College Statement

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Mon Nov 6 17:09:46 PST 2006

Dan Corley wrote:
> Your Excellency;
> I have tried to send you this apology twice before and it has yet to 
> appear, so will try for a third time. As I said in the other missives, 
> your love for music and arts as well as chiilry is well know in the 
> entire kingdom, as is your skill with weapons, It just happened that 
> when I was not marshalling the rapier bouts, you were surrounded by 
> important personages. I should have just come forward to you after the 
> matches and let you know that i had a song for your elevation. That 
> was indeed my fault and not yours. I just always hesitate to interupt 
> someone of your exalted rank with something so trivial as a song. I 
> should have at least left word with swomeone who had your ear that i 
> wished to play and sing this for you. All I can do now is beg your 
> forgiveness and swear that i will sing the song for you at our next 
> meeting. We have a Baron and Baroness with forward looking ideas and a 
> love f all things SCA. Vivat Baron Donnchadh !!!!
Thank you for your words Ld Cormac.  Rest assured all three of your 
messages came through.  I will be sure to find time to give your song 
the attention it deserves.


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