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Do you have the tune for this song.  It is one that I would LOVE to learn.

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Baroness Julitta des Chevaux is from the Kingdom of Atlantia.  I had the fortune of singing with her several years ago at Pennsic.  She has made about a dozen learning tapes that she usde to offer for the price of the cassettes.  She gifted me with a set - she was only up to nine, then!
A word of caution, though, Julitta is a wonderful performer, but her tunes and lyrics do not always match the originals.  She often rearranges tunes so they fit her voice better.  This is fine, and usually makes her performances bettre, but you may want to double check with another source so you can make an educated decision about how you would like to perform the song.
"Belt and Chain" was written by Master Morric Haast from Trimaris.  It is a wonderful song.  Here are the lyrics, as well as some of his thoughts on the song.

I can't begin to describe how gratifying it's been to see the spread of
this piece. I've always felt that the Society's quest for honor, truth,
fellowship, and nobility were far more important than mere historical
reenactment and authenticity. Furthermore, and despite the stereotypical
stick-jock knight we all know so well, I've always thought that the
Society's _ideal_ of the knight is one of our most powerful icons in this
dream we try to build. I'm particularly happy to see its acceptance by
our kinsmen in Ansteorra; there is a special bond between our two
kingdoms, and the thriving nature of Gulf War bears witness to this. For
those who are interested, the actual lyrics are below.
- Morric
The days are too fast, and the legends long past;
Yet some would dream of a place -
A place of goodwill, where beauty lies still
A bastion of honor and grace;
A bastion of honor and grace -
Will you wear the Belt and Chain -
That this dream may yet live again
Swear your heart to Chivalry's art
Swear your sword to our gain?
Take the young lad and make him page
Teach the boy to come of age;
Teach him fealty, service and truth
Give him these gifts in his youth;
Give him these gifts in full sooth.
Take the young man and make him squire;
Teach him arms to best his sire;
Teach him chivalry, strength without stain;
For one day he'll take belt and chain;
For one day he too will be chained.
Wear the belt as a badge of your word,
Bear well the chain, for your oath is interred;
Hold fast to honor, as hard as it seems;
For you guard the halls of our dream;
For you guard the halls of this dream.

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I have been singing a certian song for a few years but the tape that I got it off of fiinally bit the dust sigh that is the nature of Tapes sigh. But since I can not find the Bard who made the tape (do not even know where to look) can not ask her. the name of the song is Belt and Chain the bard who made her learning tape is and please excuse the spelling in advance Juletta De shavo (spelling it like she said it)
if any one could help would be very gratefull since I would like to sing this song and give credit to whom, needs to recieve credit.
Thank you Lady Gwen
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